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How does this process work?

Ordering a custom cake is very simple. Follow the short steps below and in no time, you will be the talk of the party, shower, wedding or any other special event you attend. If you have any questions during your ordering process, please contact us at justbecausebyrenee@yahoo.com. Let's get started!


Step #1: Fill Out Order Form

By completing our order form you will officially start the process of getting your custom cake order. Not much information is needed as we're only looking to understand some basic information before we contact you.


Step #2: Phone/Email Contact

After we have received your online order form, we will contact you directly regarding the details of your order. During this process we will discuss themes, colors, size, towel options (for towel cakes only), and any additional features you want to include. This is the most important stage as the information we gather directly impacts the cost and final product.


Step #3: Cost Estimate

Once we have a good understanding of the type of custom cake you want, you will be provided with a detailed cost estimate and delivery estimate for your approval. No work will begin until the cost estimate is approved (signed) and returned. If there are any additions or changes to the product, a new estimate will need to be created for approval.


Step #4: Production

Upon approving your cost estimate, we do all the heavy lift from here on out. The production time for each cake varies based on theme, size and many other factors. As a general rule of thumb, expect production to take between 2–3 weeks.


Step #5: Payment & Delivery

The final step is payment and delivery.